Roman PolanskiVenus in Fur

La Vénus à la fourrure (2013)

Acteurs: Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric.

Thomas is a writer-director of a new play, an adaptation of the 1870 novel Venus in Furs by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Alone in a Parisian theatre after a day of auditioning actresses for the lead character, Wanda von Dunayev, Thomas laments on the phone of the poor performances to come through. As he is preparing to leave the theatre, an actress named Vanda arrives disheveled. In a whirlwind of energy and unrestrained aggression, Vanda convinces the director to let her read for the part. To Thomas’s amazement, Vanda shows great understanding of the character and knows every line by heart. As the audition progresses, the intensity is redoubled and the attraction of Thomas turns into obsession.

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Verslag door Mrs. Jacqueline.

The Duke of BurgundyPeter Strickland

The Duke of Burgundy

Acteurs: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Monica Swinn, Chiara D’Anna

Een bijzondere film over een sadomasochistische relatie tussen twee vrouwen (Evelyn & Cynthia) waarbij de vraag rijst wie er nu eigenlijk de baas is. Thema’s als jaloezie en ouder worden komen voorbij als de relatie door de rigide Sm-scenarios gaandeweg steeds meer onder druk komt te staan. Een opvallend detail is dat er in de gehele film geen enkele man optreedt.

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The CeremonyLina Mannheimer

La Cérémonie (2014-2015)

Met: Daniel Yi Andersson, Carl Olof Berg, Beverly Charpentier

De documentaire La Cérémonie (2014-2015) gaat over een lesbische dominatrix van 83 jaar (Catherine Robbe-Grillet) die in een kasteel in Frankrijk woont en een BDSM-relatie met een vrouw van 51 heeft. Deze slavin, Madame Charpentier, heeft haar onderwerping in een geschreven verklaring vastgelegd:

‘Madame, you have asked nothing of me; it is, therefore, of my own free will that I offer to you allegiance, obedience and loyalty. I swear to serve you faithfully in all things great and small, to obey your orders, carry out your wishes, whatever they may be (…)’

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Artikelen in Mail Online en Wall Street Journal.

TiedHélène Fillières

Une histoire d’amour (Tied) (2013)

Acteurs: Benoît Poelvoorde, Laetitia Casta, Richard Bohringer

The high-profile slaying of a French banker at the hands of his mistress is transformed into a pretentious and yawn-inducing affair in Tied (Une histoire d’amour), the debut feature from actress-turned-filmmaker Helene Fillieres. Based on a novel by Regis Jauffret — itself inspired by the murder of financial tycoon Edouard Stern.

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SM RechterKoen Aurousseau

SM Rechter

Acteurs: Gene Bervoets, Veerle Dobbelaere, Axel Daeseleire

Koen Aurousseau is een Belgisch rechter, die bekendstaat als de “SM-rechter”, nadat hij in 1997 werd veroordeeld wegens het toebrengen van slagen en verwondingen aan zijn vrouw tijdens sadomasochistische seksspelletjes. De zaak wekte heel wat controverse op, vooral omdat er vermoedens waren dat de aanklagers hiermee een persoonlijke afrekening wilden uitvoeren.

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Eric WerthmanGoing Under

Going Under (2004)

Acteurs: Geno Lechner, Roger Rees, Richard Eagan.

Peter, a married psychotherapist, and Suzanne, a professional dominatrix, have been engaged in an affair of sensual dominance and submission in an S&M dungeon where they must abide by the rules. Now, those rules are about to be broken when they agree to see each other on the outside. As Peter becomes increasingly obsessed with the troubled Suzanne, they embark on a sordid psychosexual journey into their tortured pasts through their most carnal desires.

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After Fall, WinterEric Schaeffer

After Fall, Winter (2012)

Acteurs: Eric Schaeffer, Lizzie Brocheré, Marie Luneau.

A dangerous, sexy, poignant and at times darkly funny story about two people who desperately want intimacy but have fashioned lives of reclusivity and emotional fracture which ultimately spells the doom of their great love. The film begins with Michael, in his mid forties, suicidal about his writing career, which once flourished and now is on a downturn. He leaves his home in New York and goes to Paris in hopes of igniting his passion for writing and life. He also has a penchant for S and M. Soon after is arrival he meets Sophie, a sexy, smart, soulful, nurse who helps dying people transition to the after world. She and Michael instantly have chemistry albeit combative. Sophie has a secret. Her other job is being a dominatrix.

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Satan in High Heels PosterJerald Intrator

Satan in High Heels (1962)

Acteurs: Meg Myles, Grayson Hall

Stacey Kane (Myles), a cunning and ambitious striptease dancer in a cheap carnival, tricks her heroin-addicted husband out of his money and leaves him clothed only in a corset and raincoat. On a plane to New York, she meets a well-heeled businessman, Louie, who falls for her charms and sets her up in a hotel. He arranges an audition for her at a Manhattan midtown club run by an elegant, world-weary lesbian named Pepe.

Stacey wows them with her vocal ability and begins being groomed as a leading chanteuse at the night club. Arnold Kenyon, the club’s owner, falls in love with Stacey and makes her his mistress, unaware that while he is lavishing her with expensive gifts and grooming her for a singing debut at his club, she is also having an affair with his playboy son, Laurence.

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Barbet SchroederMaitresse

Maîtresse (1975)

Acteurs: Gérard Depardieu, Bulle Ogier, André Rouyer.

A common thief (Depardieu) breaks into the house of a professional dominatrix (Ogier), and begins to help her “train” her clients. Though this world is alien to his experience, he finds himself falling in love with her. Eventually he discovers that she does this in order to support her son, and he attempts to help her out of this life, which she is not sure she really wants to leave.

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Seduction - Cruel WomanElfi Mikesch, Monika Treut

Seduction: The Cruel Woman (1985)

Acteurs: Mechthild Großmann, Udo Kier, Sheila McLaughlin

Wanda is a dominatrix who runs a gallery in a building on the Hamburg waterfront, where audiences pay for the privilege of watching her humiliate her slaves. She is a business woman who smashes sexual stereotypes and social taboos with icy self-possession and an enigmatic smile. As artist she specializes in the staging of elaborate S & M fantasies and her affairs transgress the usual boundaries of personal and professional life. Along the way she leaves her German lesbian lover, a shoe fetishist, for an American “trainee,” and does more than step on the toes of the male performer who has broken the rules of the master-slave relationship by falling in love with her.

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My MistressStephen Lance

My Mistress (2014)

Acteurs: Emmanuelle Béart, Harrison Gilbertson

It’s a long hot summer for Charlie Boyd. He’s sixteen and his hormones are racing.  When a tragic family event tumbles Charlie into a world of pain, a pain so intense he thinks no-one can help, he tries to escape. Desperate and alone, he meets Maggie, the mysterious woman who lives down the street. She’s a professional and she specialises in pain. Giving it, exploring it, and sharing it, all for money.

So Charlie insinuates his way into her life and despite herself Maggie can’t stop from going along with his wishes. However dangerous their relationship may be, she knows he needs her.  She needs him too. As much as she tries to deny it, she needs his sort of love, because in the part of her life she keeps from Charlie, she has been judged and found wanting, and is paying the price. Maggie is drawn to this troubled boy who takes all the pain she can give and uses it to heal himself.  As Charlie heals, he turns that love back onto her, his Mistress.

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PunishedAngelina Maccarone

Punish me (Verfolgt) (2006)

Acteurs: Kostja Ullmann, Maren Kroymann, Moritz Grove

This intense drama deals with the obsessive relationship between a confused teenager and an elder woman.

Elsa Seifert successfully works as probation officer, but the relationship to her longtime companion is in trouble since their common daughter moved out. Then she gets to know Jan, a 16-years-old offender, who frankly offers to submit himself sexually to her. Although being shocked in the beginning, Elsa gets more and more attracted by the young man…

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No Men Beyond This PointMark Sawers

No Men Beyond This Point (2015)

Acteurs: Ben Cotton, Andrea Brooks, Hilary Jardine

In de film ‘No Men Beyond This Point’ (2015) wordt een wereld geschetst waarin vrouwen zich kunnen voortplanten zonder bemoeienis van mannen. Bovendien worden er geen mannen meer geboren, en dreigen ze uit te sterven. Hoofdpersoon in het verhaal is de jongste nog levende man in een wereld waarin vrouwen het voor het zeggen hebben. Interessant is het gegeven dat deze ontwikkeling (en dus het verhaal) in 1953 begint.

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Bob Balaban

Bernard and Doris (2006)

Een mooi, boeiend en ontroerend verhaal over een vriendschap tussen een vrouw en een man, een vriendschap die groeit in een situatie van machtsongelijkheid: zij is een steenrijke zakenvrouw – hij is haar eerste bediende (en butler) in haar enorme huis.

Er is sprake van een D/s dynamiek, in de zin dat de macht ongelijk is verdeeld. Zij is zijn meerdere en daar gedragen beiden zich ook naar. Daarnaast is er sprake van een groeiende warme vriendschap, waarin hij altijd de zorgzame partij blijft.

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